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From time to time, `Ihilani Coffee Company is proud to offer special deals.

Kona Coffee Prices Hold Steady Only until 12/31/13!
`Ihilani Coffee will hold our 100% Premium Single Estate Kona pricing at current levels until 12/31/13 when we will be forced to increase due to market conditions. Our cost on this fine Kona has risen over 25% in December. Thank you for understanding that these market fluctuations are completely out of our control.

Introducing Kona Fusion Coffees!
Now you can enjoy top-shelf percentage Konas every day! With up to seven and a half times the Kona of the usual Kona blend, with all the flavor and depth and smooth character you expect from our high quality Kona coffee, `Ihilani Kona fusion coffees will not let you down. These coffees are made by hand: roasted in small artisanal batches, each bag is carefully mixed by weight to insure you get exactly the percentage of Kona on the label. For a short time, we will refund your shipping charges when you order 2 or more bags of the new Fusion Coffees!

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BEST OF THE BIG ISLAND: 2 oz. (enough for one BIG pot) each of Puna Estate, Hamakua Estate, and Kona Premium Estate roasted whole bean coffees for $16.95 and FREE SHIPPING (this item only).
BEST OF THE BIG ISLAND special sampler $16.95

Click here to check out the `Ihilani Coffee Club! Shipping is included for coffee club members.

As part of our Giving Back mission, we will always donate a hot meal
to a hungry child for every pound of `Ihilani coffee you purchase.
We take pride in offering you what we consider the best coffees in the world,
and you can feel good about drinking `Ihilani coffee knowing you are contributing to ending hunger.

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