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Over 6000 acres of commercial coffee were grown between Kea`au and Glenwood areas in the Puna district in the mid-1800's. Sugarcane came and went in East Hawai`i in the interim 100+ years, and today there are approximately 125 acres of coffee grown on Puna farms of typically 3 acres. Many people prefer Puna coffee over all other Hawai`ian varieties.

    ~WHOLE BEAN PUNA~    This 100% Puna Estate features a nutty sweet aroma followed by a nutty flavor with a hint of light spice. This variety has a smooth to slightly velvety texture with extremely low acidity, full-bodied with a beautiful clean finish.

100% Puna Estate Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 2 oz. Sample $5.50 Free Shipping!

100% Puna Estate Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 8 or 16 oz.
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100% Puna Estate Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 2 lb. $59.95
Please call for quote on wholesale orders of more than 5 pounds of roasted `Ihilani coffees for current pricing.

    ~PUNA GREEN BEANS~   Only the finest green estate coffee from Hawai`i is selected for your home roasting enjoyment. Please note that 100% Puna Estate green coffee availability is limited.

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