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Macadamia Nuts. Just the name brings forth images of the islands to anyone who has visited Hawai`i. Buttery, crunchy, heart-healthy and full of protein. `Ihilani has searched the Big Island for the best in mac nuts, from our 100% Certified Organic "Mahina Iki Macs" to the best in flavored nuts without unnecessary ingredients.

    ~Mahina Iki Mac Nuts~    "Little Moon" macadamia nuts are a raw food: dehydrated, not roasted. These perfectly crunchy bites of buttery sweetness are kissed with sea salt for a flavor unequaled by mass-produced roasted nuts. USDA certified organic, just the best! Also available unsalted.

Certified Organic Mahina Iki Mac Nuts

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    ~Kona Coffee Mac Nuts~    Kona Coffee macadamia nuts are a real treat: Big Island grown macs with a hint of cacao and finely ground 100% Kona coffee. Like nothing you've tasted before!

KonaNut Kona Coffee Mac Nuts

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    ~Coconut Curry and Vanilla Spice Mac Nuts are Out Of Stock~

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