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Coffee was introduced to Hawai`i in 1813 by the Spanish physician and royal interpreter, Don Francisco de Paula y Marin. Coffee was cultivated commercially in Ka`u as early as 1894. The Ka`u sugar plantation closed in 1996 after the collapse of the Hawai`ian sugar cane industry. Ka`u farmers began producing unique coffees rooted in Hawai`ian coffee-producing tradition but with a new flavor profile. Ka`u coffee was known among local coffee buffs but remained virtually unknown outside the region until 2007, when Ka'u coffees were entered in the SCAA competition. Ka'u coffee farmers have recently won numerous international awards positioning Ka`u coffees on equal par with the more well-known Kona coffees. Ka`u coffees placed in the top five worldwide in the coveted Specialty Coffee Association of America Roasters Choice awards for 2013. Professional tasting notes: "crisp acidity, sweet, bright, fruit flavor. This gives a caramel and molasses note that is a very clean cup."

Please allow extra time for processing orders of Ka`u coffee. Mahalo!

    ~WHOLE BEAN KA`U~    Southern most coffee region in Hawai`i. Shares a border with Kona. SCAA award winning district. High grown with light sweet floral aromas and slight vanilla and caramel flavor with a tingle of light acidity. Pesticide free Arabica.

100% Ka`u Estate Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 2 oz. Sample $5.50 Free Shipping!

100% Ka`u Estate Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 8 or 16 oz.
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100% Ka`u Estate Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 2 lb. $69.95
100% Ka`u Estate Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 5 lb. $165.95
Please call for quote on wholesale orders of more than 5 pounds of roasted `Ihilani coffees for current pricing.

    ~KA`U GREEN BEANS~   Only the finest green coffee from Hawaii is selected for your home roasting enjoyment.

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