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`Ihilani Coffee Company

100% Hawai`ian estate-grown coffee means your morning cup
comes from individual farms, nurtured by
real humans who actually care
about the planet...and you.

With us, it’s personal.

`Ihilani Farms
P.O. Box 492709
Kea`au, Hawai`i 96749
(808) 238-6643

Welcome to `Ihilani Farms

We are expanding! `Ihilani Coffee Company is part of the larger `Ihilani Farms enterprise. We have added certified organic and flavored Big Island macadamia nuts to the website and will be offering more products in the future including fresh-shipped tropical flowers, cacao and perhaps vanilla. We are very excited to announce the recent acquisition of agricultural acreage in the Puna district! The extended business plan will see us growing cacao, vanilla, avocado, banana, and a wide variety of aquaponic produce and fish. Please visit our `Ihilani blog page for history and current updates.

`Ihilani Hawai`ian Estate Coffee

`Ihilani Coffee Company is proud to offer Gourmet
100% Big Island Grown estate coffees shipped fresh to you.
We take pride in offering you what we consider the best coffees in the world.
We ship direct from growers who personally nurture their coffee trees with
the individual care required to produce such outstanding coffees. All of our coffee is packaged in a special air tight one way valve bag to release the natural CO2 that is created by the roasted coffee bean and to inhibit entry of oxygen. This insures that your `Ihilani roasted coffee stays as fresh as possible.

It is important to understand that 100 percent pure Hawai`ian coffee
is not just a marketing phrase to us, but symbolizes a tradition for rich,
gourmet coffee flavor and aroma that comes only from pure Hawai`ian coffee.
Protecting the integrity of this Hawai`i coffee tradition is very important to us,
shown by the quality of the coffees we offer to you.

The conditions are perfect for producing gourmet coffees here on the Big Island...
rich volcanic soil, high elevation, seasonal rainfall, and regional cloud cover
in the afternoon to shade strong sun in some growing areas.

Coffee was grown in East Hawai`i for generations prior to the sugar cane industry,
which has come and gone. Coffee is once again being produced in these areas
as well as the more famous Kona district, where cane was never grown
due to the lack of large tillable tracts there.

Regardless of your individual choice of Hawai`ian coffee variety, you will be pleased
with the smooth and mellow character of Big Island Hawai`ian coffees.
Unlike some Hawai`ian coffees grown commercially on other islands,
Big Island growers care for their trees individually with hand-pruning and hand-picking,
insuring only the ripe coffee cherry is harvested. In some areas, this means
a year-round harvest season with careful management
to insure the best care for the coffee trees.

~Giving Back~

Gratitude is essential to our business model, shown by our commitment to giving back.
For each pound of `Ihilani coffee ordered, we will donate a
hot meal to a child who would otherwise go hungry.
We have already ended child starvation in Malawi.
Along with many others, our goal is no less than to end world hunger.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not fully satisfied with any purchase of `Ihilani 100% Big-Island Grown Estate Coffees or
any of our other products, simply contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Website Pricing:
While we have taken every precaution to insure accurate website prices, we cannot guarantee the website to be free of pricing and description errors. All prices subject to change without notice. The merchandise prices on this website supersede all prior prices.

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