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Coffee plants and seeds were brought to the Hamakua coast in the mid-1800's by missionaries. "Wild" coffee remains to this day in Hamakua district's small villages along the coastal valleys. In the late 1800's Guatemalan coffee cultivars were introduced and started the large coffee plantations in Hamakua, the largest of which at that time was 1,000 acres. Most of the coffee plantations were destroyed in the great Hamakua forest fire in 1901. In the 1950's, due to the continued market decline of coffee, many coffee plantations were converted into pastures. In 1994 the closure of the local sugar plantation led to increased coffee production in Hamakua. Today there are approximately 150 acres of coffee planted on coastal farms averaging 5 to 7 acres. Hamakua coffee has incredibly rich flavor, some with a chocolaty-smooth finish.

  Grown north of Hilo along the Hamakua coast on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Aromas of light floral and light spice with somewhat sweet & delicate flavors of vanilla and cinnamon with a citrus overtone. This variety has a light velvety texture with extremely low acidity and medium finish. Pesticide free Arabica.

Hamakua Estate Whole Bean Roasted Coffee 2 oz. Sample $5.50 Free Shipping!

Hamakua Estate Whole Bean Roasted Coffee 8 or 16 oz.

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Hamakua Estate Whole Bean Roasted Coffee 2 lb. $59.95
Hamakua Estate Whole Bean Roasted Coffee 5 lb. $145.95
Please call for quote on wholesale orders of more than 5 pounds of roasted `Ihilani coffees for current pricing.

    ~GREEN BEANS~   Only the finest green coffee from Hawaii is selected for your home roasting enjoyment.

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