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Now you can enjoy these top-shelf percentage Konas every day! With up to seven and a half times the Kona of the usual Kona blend, with all the flavor and depth and smooth character you expect from our high quality Kona coffee, `Ihilani Kona fusion coffees will not let you down. These coffees are made by hand: roasted in small artisanal batches, each bag is carefully mixed by weight to insure you get exactly the percentage of Kona on the label. You won't be disappointed with any of these island creations!

Kona blends bring to mind one of two things: either a tiny taste of Kona or a marketing ploy by big companies using inferior grades of leftover Kona mixed with cheap (truly bad) coffees in order to make huge profits off the Kona name. We would like to suggest there is a better way for more people to experience and enjoy what Kona coffee is all about. After a painstaking process of cupping and comingling some truly fine coffees from around the world, `Ihilani Coffee is happy to announce our solution. We have compounded our grower's signature 100% single estate Kona beans with a rich and alluring arabica variety from the other side of the world to create better Kona coffee mixtures. These revolutionary coffees are not a mere 10% of "off" Kona co-op coffee. We have created unique fusions of 25%, 50%, and even 75% of our single estate Kona coffee for your enjoyment. Kona Fusion Coffees are packaged in a 12 ounce bag with one-way freshness valve.

The tradition of family farms continues throughout the Kona district. There are approximately 800 Kona coffee farms, with an average size of less than 5 acres. `Ihilani's primary Kona grower is a 4th generation coffee growing family. Kona coffee today is a globally-recognized trademark brand. `Ihilani Coffee offers only 100% premium single estate Kona coffees, never lower-grade or co-op coffee from several sources all mixed together. We feel this is our responsibility in order to honor our relationships with the small family growers whose coffees we promote and enjoy.

    ~MENEHUNE MAGIC~    Containing 25% of our grower's signature single estate Kona, the name says it all. Bright, magical, and a little bit mischievous, Menehune is ready to start every day with promise and joy.

    ~HAPA~    As promised (hapa means half), a full 50/50 mix takes you deeper into the Kona experience with more levels of complexity. A fine smooth coffee that will quickly become one of your `Ihilani favorites.

    ~DA BIG KAHUNA~    Whoa...hold onto this cup. A tapestry of 75% our grower's premium estate Kona, this coffee transcends the world of blending. Smooth with just a tingle of acidity and velvety finish, Da Big Kahuna is the master of percentage Kona coffees.

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    ~2014 KONA PRICING NOTE~ Kona growers and sellers are raising prices in response to crop losses experienced due to the coffee bean borer. While our conscientious growers have very little borer damage, the cost of controlling the CBB continues to rise and prices are up over 25% for 2014. `Ihilani Coffee Company is dedicated to keeping our Kona pricing as low as possible and we are working with our Kona growers to this end. Our `Ihilani Coffee Club is your best option for lowest pricing, and shipping is included for Club Members.

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