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    ~Ekobrew Reusable K-cup Style Filter~   Ekobrew is the ideal alternative to traditional Keurig K-cups. The ekobrew insert pops right into most Keurig single-cup brew system (not compatible with models B30, B130, B150 or B155). Ekobrew is easy to use and allows Keurig users to brew `Ihilani's 100% Big Island Estate coffees...the best of both worlds! Because the Ekobrew is reusable, there is no disposable plastic and foil cup to end up in a landfill (and the k-cups can't be found with premium estate Hawai`ian coffees anyway!). These are bulk pack items with no extra packaging. Just fill, insert, and brew! Ekobrew is BPA-free, and features commercial grade stainless steel mesh and a strong hinge for durability. Make coffee, not trash!

Ekobrew Reusable K-cup Style Filter $12.95

    ~Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System~   Discover the pleasure of cold brewed coffee and tea - a favorite of regular folk, connoisseurs and food critics since 1964. Toddy's exclusive cold-water brewing process extracts the natural, delicious flavors of coffee and tea yet leaves behind undesirable bitter acids and oils. The result: A bold, super-smooth taste that's easier on the stomach. Toddy can be made one cup at a time - served steaming hot or iced cold, and at the strength you prefer. And, with 67% less acid than hot brewed coffee, it's easier on sensitive stomachs.

What's in the box: Brewing Container with Handle, Glass Decanter with Lid, Reusable Filters (2), Rubber Stopper (1), Instructions & Recipe Guide.

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System $39.95

Toddy Filter 2-pack $4.50, free shipping!
Each filter lasts about 10 brews or 3 months.

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