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100% Hawai`ian SWP DECAF

Our SWP decaf Hawai`ian coffees are temporarily out of stock...with the damage from the coffee bean borer to the Kona coffee crop there is not enough coffee to be sent out for the decaffeination process. We know how disappointing this is...we're SWP decaf drinkers also. We feel very strongly that SWP is the only decaf to drink ourselves and to offer to you, our valued customer. Chemicals have no place in coffee! Rather than offer inferior chemical-process decaffeinated coffees, we will keep you informed here regarding the availability of our premium SWP decaf.

Stay tuned! Email Us to be put on our Kona decaf notification list, and we'll let you know just as soon as we have 100% Kona and flavored SWP decaf available. Mahalo for your understanding!

Website Pricing:
While we have taken every precaution to insure accurate website prices, we cannot guarantee the website to be free of pricing and description errors. All prices subject to change without notice. The merchandise prices on this website supersede all prior prices.

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