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All of our coffee is packaged in a special air tight one way valve bag to release the natural CO2 that is created by the coffee bean and to inhibit entry of oxygen. We offer only whole bean roasted coffee in the shopping cart on this site. These measures insure that your `Ihilani roasted coffee stays as fresh as possible.
If you want your coffee ground, simply place your order on the site and then give us a call or email and
let us know you'd like your coffee ground instead of whole bean.

Ka`u Estate Southern most coffee growing region in Hawai`i. Shares a border with Kona. SCAA award winning district. High grown coffee with medium body, very slight floral aroma, mild acidity. Pesticide free Arabica.

Kona Estate One of the best Kona estate coffees we've found, with sweet floral and light caramel aromas. The flavor is very sweet and buttery with light nutty overlay, velvety texture, and extremely low acidity. Pesticide free Arabica.

Puna Estate Sugarcane replaced coffee in East Hawai`i and now that sugarcane is no longer grown here, coffee is coming back in a big way. Our Puna Estate features a nutty sweet aroma followed by a nutty flavor with a hint of light spice. This variety has a smooth to slightly velvety texture with extremely low acidity and beautiful clean finish.

Hamakua Estate Grown north of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Aromas of light floral and light spice with somewhat sweet & delicate flavors of vanilla and cinnamon. This variety has a light velvety texture with extremely low acidity and medium finish. Pesticide free Arabica. Special Order Only

A Word About Roasts:

Many people truly don't understand the difference in roasts for coffee beans. We take into account the profile of
each batch of green bean and roast in small artisanal batches to the peak of flavor for each type of bean.
Our "gold standard" roast for these exceptional coffees is medium brown dry, 55 on the Agtron scale.
If you truly prefer the flavor of a dark roast,
other roasts are available but will delay your shipment for up to a week.
`Ihilani coffees are shipped to you fresh custom roasted for best quality and flavor.

A surprising number of folks believe that the dark roast is what gives their coffee the "wake-up" factor. The reality is that a darker roasts cooks out progressively more of the caffeine. Dark roasts also force the oil to the outside of the bean, and that oil very quickly goes rancid. This leaves a very dry inner bean, which shatters in a grinder leaving some very bitter dust. Until relatively recently, coffee consumers haven't had much choice as to the species, processing, and roast of their beans. Our palates were bogged down in the truth that a dark roast will cover the off flavors of inferior beans. So unless a slap to your taste buds is what wakes you up, the dark roast myth is just that...a myth.

We encourage you to discover a kinder, gentler awakening to your day...we like to think of it as waking naturally on a bright and beautiful day, instead of the harsh call of the alarm clock. `Ihilani coffees will give you the best
of all worlds--the rich and complex flavors of these unique premium estate coffees
right alongside the clarity that good coffee brings.
Give the `Ihilani signature roast a try with one of our "Best Of" Samplers, and
Taste the `Ihilani Difference!

    SWP DECAF Kona Decaf Temporarily Out Of Stock --- More Info Here

Swiss Water Decaffeination Process; 99.9% caffeine free; 100% chemical free coffee decaffeination process that uses only water to remove the caffeine, resulting in great-tasting decaf. Most other processes use chemical solvents, like methylene chloride, to decaffeinate coffee beans. Arabica
             Kona Estate Decaf Our great Kona Estate Coffee without the caffeine.
             100% Hawai`ian Decaf Single Island Sourced 100% Hawai`ian SWP Coffee without the caffeine.

             100% Hawai`ian Coffee Samplers Not sure which of our great coffees you would like, or need a gift idea? Try our Coffee Samplers!
             Best of the Big Island 2 oz. (enough for one BIG pot) each of Premium Estate coffees from Hamakua, Puna, Ka`u, and Kona.
             Best of East Hawai`i 8 oz. (enough for four BIG pots) each of Premium Estate coffees from Hamakua, Puna, and Ka`u.

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facebook, or another route. We will send you a gift in return for your email, which helps us spread the word. Mahalo!

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